Summer Semester Policies

Class Term

Summer students will be enrolled for the entire camp or for four or seven private lessons. Individual instructors should be contacted regarding private lesson schedule. Summer camps MUST have at least 4 students.


Tuition and fees are due prior to the beginning of the semester. All camp tuition and fees must be paid with cash or check at enrollment. Tuition for private lessons may be paid with check, cash or money order, credit card, or payment plan (automatic withdrawal of tuition only - 2 equal payments). 


Register for summer camps and private lessons in the Conservatory Office (Room 208  - Presser Hall) the month of April, Monday - Thursday from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. Contact the instructor about starting date.

Tuition Discounts

To receive the discount, full payment must be received upon enrollment or no later than May 25, 2014.  The first family member pays full tuition, additional family members receive a $10 discount. Students enrolling for more than one class receive a $10 discount for each class beyond the first.                                         UMHB Faculty/Staff/Alumni qualify for reduced tuition rates.

Make-Up Lessons

Regular attendance at lessons is expected. The Conservatory observes a  NO MAKE-UP POLICY for student absences. Instructors are not required to make up lessons or classes that a student misses.  Private lessons or classes cancelled due to instructor absence or weather-related campus closings WILL be made up. Please notify the Conservatory Office by (254) 295-4986 if a lesson or class will be missed so that we may notify the instructor.

Termination of Lessons

Each student who registers for lessons/class will be assigned a time for the summer. Termination of lessons/classes is appropriate only at the end of the session or at the discretion of the Conservatory Director. NO REFUNDS  except for extreme circumstances.